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First ever exclusive partnership that aims to improve reading and learning skills

New Delhi, India and London, UK (October 12, 2017) – Reading plays a central role in a child’s education and in preparing them for life after school. Owing to this sustaining need in mind, Eupheus Learning, an EdTech startup in the Education and Training space, has collaborated with Fiction Express by Boolino, Europe’s leading and innovative book platform, to establish reading habits in students and improve lifelong learning outcomes.

Fiction Express is a unique platform that connects students with professional authors, encouraging reading for pleasure through fun co-creation of stories. It has been designed to improve poor reading habits by exciting children and turning them into eager readers through the power of engagement.Encourage Reading with Fiction Express

Sven Huber, Co-founder Boolino said, “Reading has a central part in a child’s education and in preparing them for life after school. It helps children develop emotionally, socially, intellectually and culturally. It also reinforces successful access to education throughout their school careers and to employment beyond.  We are very positive that the handshake between Boolino and Eupheus Learning is a right match and will bring back the required motivation of reading in India.”

The platform allows teachers to track student attainment over the year. Progress is made evident through the teacher dashboard showing individual student’s reading, voting and comprehension question results. The teacher resource works on any device, and can be read online, offline or on paper.

Mr Sarvesh Shrivastava, Managing Director and Co-founder, Eupheus Learning said, “Fiction Express fits right into our vision of bridging the gap between what is taught in-class using institutional textbook driven solutions and retail at-home learning providers by seamlessly integrating both.  By using Fiction Express, students can develop better SPAG skills (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) through linking the exercises to various flexible co-curricular activities such as practice, creative writing, and art in school as well as at-home.”



About Boolino

Boolino is Europe’s leading BookAdvisor platform for children’s and young adult books. Our aim is to help families and children discover their love for stories, books and reading, fostering their emotional, social, intellectual and cultural development.

We are developing reading tools that engage young readers in a unique way, always putting fun and learning at the heart of everything we do.

We work towards giving children the best chance of being successful learners, never forgetting that just 10 minutes of reading per day increases the learning skills of our children.


About Eupheus Learning

Eupheus in Greek means active seeking of knowledge, a readiness of will to learning.

Eupheus Learning aim to offer pedagogically differentiated, technology driven solutions that lead to critical thinking and achievement of higher learning outcomes in the K-12 space. The company’s vision is to bridge the gap between what is taught in-class using Institutional textbook driven solutions and retail at-home learning providers by seamlessly integrating both.

The founding team consists of professionals having experience of more than 120 Man-years in starting up and turning around businesses in the Education and Training space.


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