WOW! Mathematics – ICSE Book 7


WOW! MATHS (for CBSE & ICSE) is a comprehensive programme for K-8 learners based on the innovative and effective teaching and learning practices of Singapore. The programme incorporates the Singapore Bar Model Method (a pedagogical strategy recognized globally and ranked the highest in TIMSS) and heuristics (problem-solving strategies) intricately woven with the guidelines of the NCF 2005 (CBSE) and ICSE 2016 Curriculum.


Course Books: Based on the CPA approach, they are enriched with 15 unique features like real-life examples, creative concept visualizations, critical thinking questions and other support activities that make learning of Maths an enjoyable and engaging learning experience.

Work Books: Adopt a learner-centric approach to reinforce skills. Include a series of well-formulated questions including challengers, graded from lower to higher order of diffi culty, to trigger thinking and reasoning skills.

Teacher Manuals: Provide teachers with a one-step solution for delivering eff ective curriculum. Include suggested hands-on classroom and Maths lab activities, lesson plans and extensions to develop lateral thinking of concepts.

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