WOW! Grammar & Composition ICSE Book 4


Written according to the CISCE curriculums for lower and upper primary levels published in 2016, WOW! ICSE Grammar & Composition is based on the 3 Ps of learning language–Presentation, Practice and Production.

The series brings together the meaning and form of grammar together through systematic practice and fun activities. Ideal for young learners in the early stages of English language learning, the series is based on a unique curriculum design which recycles grammar points at every level and builds on previous understanding. This spiraling curriculum eases the learning curve and helps students negotiate new grammar topics from familiar premises.

The material has been thoroughly class tested and piloted by some of the best curriculum teachers. Comprehensive and curriculum-faithful, WOW! ICSE Grammar & Composition makes learning grammar unusually engaging.


  • Focus on teaching meaning and structure simultaneously
  • Inductive Approach?helping learners discover the rules themselves
  • Comprehensible Input?basing the material in the concrete situation of the learner
  • Spiralling curriculum?start and go from any level because every level revisits legacy concepts
  • Exhaustive treatment of figurative language in upper primary (classes 6 to 8)
  • Comprehensive structural grammar taught in classes 6-8 with simultaneous focus on functions
  • In-depth teaching of topics by covering every topic comprehensively. Certain never-before-taught concepts also find focus
  • Mix of traditional cloze, rewriting tasks, and independent task-based learning
  • Teaching of writing by focusing equally on the process as well as the product
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