WoW! English Workbook 4


WOW! ENGLISH aims to make learning of English language a fun and rewarding journey. The series progressively leads learners to connect language to life. It covers the major language areas such as vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing and phonemic awareness. The learning process is organised in ten themes; which pupils can easily relate to. The use of colourful illustrations stimulates thinking and encourage participatory learning.

? Teacher support manual
? Consists of activities to support concepts and skill incorporated in Textbook
? Includes guidelines, assessments, answers and checklist
? Relevant resources to aid learning process
? Includes resources for teachers and learners

? Thematic lessons and poems
? Concept elaborations
? Wide range of Skill-building activities ranging from LSRW to life skills, phonics, free reading and HOTS
? Textbook linked extended exercises
? Varied and interesting tasks (creative, logical, comprehension)
? Focussed skill strengthening

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