WOW! Compu-Bytes ICSE – IT Book 1


At present times, Computer science is involved with each and every facet of our lives. To prepare children for the future, there is a requirement of making them computer literates or we can say digital experts. This WOW series gives students the right paradigm approach towards computers starting from basics to latest in softwares, exploring computers.
WOW! series for classes 1 to 8 is created as per the new curriculum released by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE). We have tried to use simpler language for easy understanding and technical language is used wherever required. Fact bytes, Let us know, Tech bites, Test your knowledge, Lab Session, Group Discussion, Project Work have been integral parts of the book maintaining interest of student and making them involved.
The books at the primary level include basics of computer and the internet, apart from basics to Microsoft office. Detailed focus has been given on Scratch as it is a very interesting, child-friendly programming software, which initiates students into the world of coding.

Each of the coursebooks is supported by a Teacher?s Manual that includes lesson plans and the complete answer key to the coursebook exercise.

? Focused on computer basics to understanding of coding
? Simple, easy-to-understand language
? Interspersed with small projects at the end of chapters to make learning more meaningful
? Worksheet and Model test papers as per the new examination pattern
? Group activities
? Suggested online links for more information on topics

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? HAND-ON ACTIVITY: Word search, crossword
? LAB ACTIVITY: Practical activities
? PROJECT WORK: Apply the concepts learnt
? GROUP DISCUSSION: Helps creates interactivity
? ONLINE LINKS: Links for exploring the topic further