Pitara 1


In Hindi, varna is the smallest unit of the language. It is very important for children to understand reading and writing them so that they are able to build complex words and sentences at later stages.  With this goal in mind, Pitara offers a step- by- step learning of Hindi language for the attainment of this goal.

Each book in the series aims to develop the following skills:

  1. Dexterity skills – aim at building fine motor skills and eye hand coordination through activities like matching, colouring, cut and paste, etc.
  2. Thinking Skills – aim at building high order thinking skills among children from a young age through activities like mazes, puzzles, etc.
  3. Listening and speaking skills – aim at building a better understanding about the language by introducing new words and their usage in everyday conversations.
  4. Reading and understanding skills – aim at building identification of sounds related to the varnas, identification of the varnas , know new vocabulary words and sentences through reading and activity pages.
  5. Writing skills – aim at developing independent writing of varnas and simple words through tracing and guided writing pages in the book.
  6. Creativity – aim at building creativity among children and also helping them in expressing themselves while doing it.













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