NRR Workbook 5


Based on a time-tested and popular school study material for nearly hundred years, this new edition of the New Radiant Readers, is a literature series of 2 Primers, 8 Readers and 8 Workbooks.

This package is for classes K-8 and for the ICSE schools seeking to familiarize students with classical and contemporary literary texts. All the lessons in this series are based on the phonic pattern. This series follows the recommendations of the ICSE syllabus and all required themes ans skills have been fully covered in an interesting manner.


  • The Readers carry stories, folktales and biographies based on the phonic pattern and poems of action and rhythm. Comprehension exercises practice usage of language. Vocabulary and Grammar drills are graded to match students? mental abilities while giving opportunities for sustained creative writing practice.
  • The Workbooks are linked to the Readers lesson-wise. They carry vocabulary, grammar and writing exercises that extend from each lesson of the Reader. Invigorating listening and speaking activities help to refine aural-oral skills in the learner.

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