Explore the Solar System


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ISBN: 9780716625490 | Pages 640 | Volumes: 10

With vibrant imagery, World Book’s Explore the Solar System 10-volume STEM-correlated set takes readers on a guided tour of our solar system. Take a close look at our planetary neighbors and discover their chemical compositions, atmospheres, moons, and other characteristics. Other topics include the development of telescopes and space probes and the history of space exploration.

Books in Series

  • Earth and Earth’s Moon
  • Galaxies and the Universe
  • Human Space Exploration
  • Jupiter and the Asteroids
  • Mars
  • Mercury and Venus
  • Neptune, Comets, and Dwarf Planets
  • Saturn and Uranus
  • The Sun and Other Stars
  • Telescopes and Space Probes

Key Highlights

  • Question-and-answer format
  • Fascinating information about deep space
  • Hundreds of images, charts, and graphs