Computer Applications – Book 9


Computer Applications is a series of two books (IX & X) and has been designed as per the latest learning scheme, which covers in-depth, the class IX and X CBSE curriculum of ‘Computer Applications’ (updated curriculum as per code 165, effective from the session 2018-19). The sole objective of this series is to reduce the habit of cramming while strengthening the understanding level of students. In both the series, the concepts have been explained in a simple and lucid language. Each chapter contains a number of solved examples, a set of multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blanks, application-based, assessment-based questions. We are confident this book will provide students a completely different reading experience while making learning a pleasure.


  • Based on Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010 suite.
  • Simple and easy to use language for the better understanding of technical aspects covered in this book.
  • Live screenshots give the feel of working in computer in a computer lab while learning theory concepts.
  • Practical based learning approach supported by colourful illustrations for the effective usage of covered applications.
  • Quick reference in the form of Ponderable Points.
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