Anti-Bullying Basics


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ISBN: 9780716620709 | Pages 288 | Volumes: 6

World Book’s Anti-Bullying Basics set aims to combat bullying from all perspectives: those bullied, those doing the bullying, and the adults trying to intervene. Each volume focuses on a different form of bullying, answers common questions about bullying, and offers practical advice on dealing with bullies.

Books in Series

  • Bullied by Boys
  • Bullied by Friends
  • Bullied by Girls
  • Bullied by Groups
  • Bullied in Cyberspace
  • Bullied to Belong

Key Highlights

  • Explores major forms of bullying
  • Offers real-life narratives and questions
  • Tailored to students in grades 5 through 8
  • Written in a straightforward style that is appealing to teens and pre-teens
  • Offers students, parents, and education professionals a perspective on what bullied children may be experiencing as well as guidance for responding to it.