America’s Presidents


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ISBN: 9780716637011 | Volumes: 2 | Pages: 464

A valuable tool for U.S. history and civics instruction and study, this set highlights the presidency of the individuals who have held the office, including Donald J. Trump. Get answers to questions about the office and the individual presidents, and learn what it is like to hold the highest elected position in the United States.

Key Highlights

  • Full biographical information about every U.S. president as well as information and photos of every first lady.
  • Over 450 pages filled with absorbing facts and interesting anecdotes. Each volume includes an index.
  • The first volume–The President’s World–showcases the duties, privileges, and broad power of the president.
  • The second volume–Portraits of the Presidents–examines the people who have led the country through times of poverty and prosperity, peace, and war.