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Ranking Criteria

Level 1

  • All students who do not qualify for Level 2 exam will be awarded a participation certificate.
  • Students who qualify Level 2 will compete for certificates, medals and awards at Level 2.

Level 2

  • All students who attempt Level 2 exam will be awarded participation certificates.
  • Top 3 students per subject per grade from each school will be awarded medals. For school enrollments more than 25 students per grade.
  • Top 3 National ISFO Math Olympiad and Science Olympiad Level 2 winners from grades IV to XI, each shall win a study tour to Singapore.
  • Top 3 National ISFO English and G.K. Olympiad Level 2 winners from grades IV to X, each shall win an all-expense paid study tour to Dubai.
  • Top 3 students for grade I, II and III will be given cash rewards.
  • Winners at National Ranks 4 to 10 for each grade, each subject to be rewarded.

In Case of a Tie (Equal Scores) for the Top 3 Ranks

  • Marks scored in the Brainbox section will be considered as a tie breaker.
  • In case Brainbox Level 2 score is the same, Brainbox score of Level 1 for the concerned student will be added.
  • In case of 2 or more students score the same marks in Brainbox Level 1 and 2, they will be awarded the same rank.
  • In case of any further confusion, Academic Council will have the right to take the final decision.
  • In case, 3 students attain Rank 1 then, students on Rank 2 and 3 will be nullified for the International trip.
Exam Dates

Marking Scheme

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